Sri Lanka at a glance.

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Country Information for Sri Lanka:

Official Name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Gained Independence in: 04th February 1948
Administrative Capital: Sri Jayawardhanapura, Kotte
Commercial Capital: Colombo
Area: 65,610 sq km (25,322 sq miles)
Length: 445 km
Breadth: 225.3 km (278 meters)

Population Information for Sri Lanka

Population: 20 million
Population in Colombo : 2 million
Population Main Ethnic Groups in Sri Lanka: Sinhala 74%, Sri Lankan Tamils 12.75%, Indian Tamils 5%, Moor 7%, Others 0.8%
Pupulation Language of Sri Lanka: Official language is Sinhala. Sinhala is a language of Indo-Aryan origin and is the language of the majority.
Tamils & Muslims speak Tamil. English is widely spoken by all communities.
Currency in Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Rupees

Religious Groups in Sri Lanka:

Buddhist 69%
Hindu 15.5%
Islam 7.6%
Christian 7.5%
Others 0.1%

Literacyin Sri Lanka

Literacy Rate : 89%
Average Life Expectancy : 70-80 years


Topography : Flat coastal and Northern areas
Hills and mountains in the Central and Southern Central areas

Weather & Climate in Sri Lanka

Average Temperature : Colombo 30.60 C to 24.10 C
Kandy 29.00 C to 20.20 C
Nuwara Eliya 20.20 C to 11.50 C
Beach 29.00 C
Rainfall : March – April Inter Monsoon
May – September South West Monsoon
October – November Inter Monsoon
December – February North East Monsoon
Average Rainfall : 39” – 197”


National Flower : “Nil-Manel” Flower (Blue Water Lily) Found in abundance in the marshes and waterways of the rural area. It is a water lily that is also found in other tropical countries.
National Tree : “Na” Tree (Ceylon Iron Wood)
National Bird : “Wali Kukula” (Jungle Fowl)
Longest River : Mahaweli (207 miles/333 km)
Highest Waterfall : Bambarakanda (790 ft/241 m) (it breaks off at 3 points by hitting onto a rock before it drops down)
Diyaluma Falls (560 ft/171 m) (highest single drop)
Widest Waterfall : St. Clair (241 ft/73 m)
Highest Mountain : Pidurutalagela (8281 ft/2524 m)